Orvi Collection
Orvi... A unique color... Magnificent harmony...

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Ankara Collection

It's produced with the most exciting touches, outstanding materials and sensational textures while maintaining it's design language based on LOX design.

Meet with Uriah

Simplicity a decent magic.Quiet,calm and delicate.What is unique and variant can be described with it.Limpid beauties, deep blues, mischievous smiles....

  • Eaton Collection

    Check the brand new Eaton Collection

  • Moi Collection

    Moi, offers you the comfort you want to feel, with it's body wrapping ergonomics. While giving energy to your sould with vivid colors, Moi invites you to spectacular realms...

  • Orvi Collection

    Each piece in the collection is designed with consecutive harmonious lines. The harmony was completed by combining woodcrafts and modern colors...

  • Squarez Collection

    The Design and Design Award winnter Squarez Collection presents your comfort with modern-day designs.

  • Arvil Collection

    Arvil Collection is inspired by the safety feeling when you feel at home. Collection pieces are designed ergonomicly with only the thought of your comfort in mind.

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